Knights' Quest offers the following live seminars to prepare parents and youth to deal with 21st Century life!

Schedule a TECH-SAFE HOME Seminar at your church or school NOW to equip parents in keeping their children safer with technology. Knights’ Quest conducts live programs nation-wide! Many of our programs are suitable for public school presentations.

If you can't attend or host a live seminar you can sign up for our monthly online webinars!

The Tech-Safe Home

This program educates & equips parents for high-tech, 21st Century parenting. Everything from computers to tablets to phones to streaming TV is covered.

Available in a single 1- or 2-hour version.
Attendance is limited to those 18 and over.

Tech-Safe Youth

Online safety and sexual purity are closely linked. This program for youth (6th grade and up) teaches God's boundaries for sex and how they relate to both the online and offline worlds.

Available in 1- and 2-hour versions.
Attendance is limited to those in the 6th grade and up. Parents are invited, too.

The Tech-Safe Man

There are lots of new temptations out there, thanks to all of our tech! How can a man protect himself and remain sexually pure when attacks seem to appear every day? By learning the dangers, examining the battlefield, building defenses, and getting armed for the battle!

Available in 1- & 2-hour versions.
Attendance is limited to those 18 and over, although young men 16-17 may attend with male parent.

The Tech-Safe Home: For Seniors

All this new tech can be confusing, and dangerous This program is designed to educate and equip older adults on how to live safer with technology. It includes filtering, securing your devices and account, spam management, and scam safety!

Available in ​30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on needs base programs. Custom versions can be provided, too.
Applicable for older citizens and those who care for them.

The Tech-Safe Church

From online porn to online dating to first steps a pastor should take when he is approached by someone with a technology based sin or situation, this program brings staff members up to speed on what is happening in the lives of technology users!

Available in 1- & 2-hour base programs. Custom versions can be provided, too. 
Applicable for training at the Diocese, Association, District, or higher levels.


This program educates & equips professionals about the high-tech, 21st Century threats that individuals and families face. The course covers the impact of online pornography on individuals, the teen tech-culture, action steps to protect/treat family members, and what is coming down the road!

Available in 1- & 2-hour base programs. Custom and/or secular versions can be provided, too.
Applicable for clergy, educators, mental health professionals, law enforcement personnel, and civic leaders
A syllabus/outline can be provided to facilitate the awarding of CEU credits.

Single and Pure...Biblically!

Society has so many expectations and options, and dealing with them in a Biblical manner is not easy, or clear. This program communicates God's Biblical boundaries for dating/courting and addresses issues surrounding physical intimacy, high-tech relationships, and more.

Available in a 2-hour or custom version.

Single Again....and Pure

For those who are "Single Again", be they in their 20's or 50's, sexual purity is a completely different problem than it is for those who have never married! This program covers the Bible's boundaries for dating and sex from the "Single Again" perspective and then guides the attendees to a plan for victory!

Available in 1-hour, 2-hour, or longer programs, including "singles retreats".

Flame-Proofing Your Kids

"Teach your kids about the Facts of Life!" "Make sure you have THE TALK with your kids!" OK. HOW DO WE DO THAT??? This program covers what the Bible says about sex and then provides options and methods for teaching your children about this important and powerful part of life.

Available in 2-hour, 4-hour, 8-hour, or 12-16-hour versions. Designed for parents, but suitable for youth 6th grade and up to attend with their parents.

Let The Games Begin!

YOU'RE MARRIED! Guess what! God still has boundaries for sex and physical intimacy! But, 21st Century life brings many questions about those boundaries and priorities. This program, presented in the format of a "couples retreat", takes couples through a Bible study on marriage and sex with applications to life in our modern, high-tech world!

Designed for use as part of a couples weekend retreat.